Authenticity and Alignment Create Abundance

Are you authentically aligned?

Figuring out who you are is a part of your journey to authenticity and of growing into yourself. Many of us hope to find our true selves in our work, social interactions and with our family.

The choices we make in our careers and home lives can help to guide us so that we understand our true selves. What happens when these choices seem to be out of alignment with your authentic self?

The journey to authenticity is all about achieving balance and, something everyone searches for in their live – happiness.


Discover your Journey

At the beginning of your journey you need to identify you core values, wounds, fears and what lies you have been telling yourself and, over the years, what lies about yourself that you have accepted when other people have told you them.

You are your own worst critic and what you may have accepted as being a fundamental flaw in your personality or behavior may actually be a myth that is hindering you from progressing along your journey of self discovery.

This journey that you will take is all about getting to know who you are, what you feel is acceptable and what isn’t. During this process you will uncover you strengths, passions and finally, your purpose.


Giving Voice and Life to your Dreams and Desires

The second phase of your journey involves balancing yourself and your relationships. Preferably, you will have people surrounding you who are aligned with who you are. They need to reflect the person you are so if you’ve believed in the lies that you were told about yourself then the people surrounding you will reflect the person that you are at the time but may not be aligned with the person you are becoming on your journey.

This is where the road on your journey becomes a bit bumpy because it has a few difficult moments. It will involve saying “no” in difficult circumstances which can lead to you feeling uncomfortable. Having to refuse to nurture those relationships is tricky and can be upsetting but it is a step that adds value to your life and helps the road become a lot smoother on your journey.

You don’t have to limit your vocabulary to “no” but instead you should be willing to say “yes!”. Open yourself up to going to new events, having new experiences and taking part in challenges that are unfamiliar to you. These are the out of the box moments that give voice and life to your dreams!


Don’t become Derailed – Create that Plan!

Setting your intentions and boundaries is crucial. Understanding those boundaries is what will prevent you from becoming derailed and now that you recognize those core truths about yourself you can limit the experiences that want to detour you on your journey. Creating a plan of action to make your dreams a reality will allow you to live the life that you want to live.


Bringing your life Joy!*

Abundance can mean different things for everyone but the end destination is always the same – reaching and maintaining a quality of life that brings you joy.


Having an Abundant Career*

Everyone wants a career that at a company that values you and you value its mission. In a true career fit, you’ll have better relationships with your colleagues and clients as well as your bosses and subordinates.


A Better Personal Life*

A true fit in your personal life creates better relationships and better communication allowing you to grow together. This is true of romantic, friendship and family relationships. Supportive, fulfilling and inspiring relationships create less strain, drain and stress allowing you to have a much better quality of life.


Entrepreneurship and Abundance

When you run your business in a way that feels authentic to you, your message becomes clearer and your products and services are a better fit to your clients and customers who have shared your values and believe in your mission.

Happy connections lead to increased supplier, customer and client satisfaction which then leads to higher sales and more referrals.


Steering through Bumps in the Road

Mishaps, disappointments and setbacks will still happen, of course, because life is difficult and no one can avoid occasional upsets but when you’ve reached the end of your journey you’ll find yourself feeling more abundant and find that disappointment from these temporary set backs does not feel like it used to be. You’ll now have a stable foundation that means you will bend and not break when the unexpected happens.

If you have a bad breakup, now you’ll be able to realise when it isn’t working sooner allowing you to make important decisions sooner.

Instead of being stressed at work, you’re now calm enough to power through and process situations easier because your career environment is aligned. This means you’ll find yourself speaking up sooner and communicating more effectively than before.

Difficult clients and markets are easier to identify and move away from when you run your own business because you are more in tune with your values and your ‘why’.

By reaching the end of your journey, you have set yourself up to be full able to work through other unpredictable situations including loss of loved ones, economic recessions and setbacks. These are all things that happen throughout our lives but when we don’t have a stable foundation to work from we sometimes find ourselves on a downward spiral when they happen.

Living abundantly can allow us to have a better support system, helps us to be more resilient when we face situations that we normally wouldn’t be able to handle.